Quotes by Famous Men

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  • Jan 28, 2022

The following are important pronouncements by prominent men of Biblical learning. Some clearly state their belief in the fact that the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples are the literal descendants of ancient Israel. While others, such as Wm. Tyndale indicate that there is at least a linguistic connection.

“The properties of the Hebrew tongue agree a thousand times more with the English than with the Latin.”

WM. TYNDALE 1494-1536, Bible Translator, Reformer and Martyr

“Vex thou not comers from afar, and strangers in the land; for ye were formerly strangers in the land of the Egyptians”

KING ALFRED THE GREAT ( taken from the book of his laws)

“I strongly advise a study of the Scripture prophecies upon British-Israel lines.”


“I am a humble disciple of British-Israel. I am convinced that this revelation of truth to individual hearts, which finds an echo in the United States, and in Canada, is of God, and I believe it will be the greatest blessing to the Church of Christ.”

BISHOP FRANK VAUGHAN, D.D. ( Reformed Episcopal Church)

“We never can understand prophecy unless we know the distinction between Israel and Judah. I believe we are Israel.”


“I have been a British-Israelite all my life and I cannot understand any Englishman of common-sense being otherwise.”


“ I venture to think that the discovery of the kingdom of Israel, the descendants of the Ten Tribes, would have a greater effect upon the Kingdom of God and the hearts and lives of men than even the discovery of a new continent or of a new world. . . . British-Israel Truth proves the inspiration of the Scriptures and creates an intelligent and earnest interest in their study, to the destruction of that veiled skepticism or indifference so common today. . . . Let us not, like Esau, despise our birthright.”

READER HARRIS, K.C. 1847-1909

English Barrister – Personal friend to Oswald Chambers

Counselor to Queen Victoria

Methodist minister

Founder of Pentecostal Prayer League

“British-Israel Truth is God’s Truth. It is, therefore, bound to win. It is winning now all along the line.”

RT. HON. W.F. MASSEY, P.C.(Late Prime Minister of New Zealand)

“I stand here to express my obligation to the grand Federation because of the light it is casting upon the Bible, and because of the way it is calling attention to the Bible. That is what we want everywhere. I do not know of any Society that is calling attention to the Bible more emphatically and more insistently – yes, and I make bold to say, more successfully than this Federation is doing . . . I came into an inheritance on this subject of British-Israel. I am more and more convinced that this truth pours a wonderful radiance on the Old Testament. It is a Gospel for the Nation, a Gospel for the Empire, as well as a Gospel for the individual. I am delighted that the membership of the Federation is growing, and that it is getting such influential support. I believe that this Federation has lighted a lamp, the golden beauty of which will never be obscured.”

REV. DINSDALE T. YOUNG, D.D. 1861-1938

Pastor of Charles Wesley’s Chapel, London 1906-1914.

Attracted capacity crowds while at Westminster Central Hall

“The proof that we are Israel lies in the fact that of Israel it was stated that she should have a home of her own, and that David’s descendants should reign over Israel. That this home should be in the islands to the North and West of Palestine, and that from there Israel should spread abroad to the West, to the East, to the North, and to the South; should be in many waters, and should blossom and bud and fill the face of the earth with fruit, and be a means of blessing to the whole world.”


“The proof that we Anglo-Saxon people are the ten-tribed House of Israel, in a national and official sense, is as clear in my mind as the noonday sun is to the eyes of mortals.”


M.A. B.Sc., F.R.G.S. ( Canada)

“I believe it is high time for the Church of Christ to awake out of its sleep about Old Testament prophecy. From the time of Jerome and Origen down to the present day, men have gone in a pernicious habit of ‘spiritualising’ the words of the prophets until their true meaning has been well nigh buried. . . . What right have we to say that the words Judah, Zion, Israel and Jerusalem ever mean anything but the literal Judah, literal Zion, literal Israel, and literal Jerusalem? Have glorious things been described as laid up in store for Israel? Men have been incessantly told that they describe the victories and triumphs of the Gospel in Christian Churches. Against that system I have long protested, and I hope I shall always protest as long as I live. What I protest against is the habit of allegorizing plain sayings of the Word of God concerning the future history of the Nation Israel, and explaining away the fullness of their contents in order to accommodate them to the so-called Gentile Church. In reading the words which God addressed to His Ancient people, never lose sight of the primary sense of the text.”

BISHOP J.C. RYLE, D.D. 1816-1900

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